Ethical Policy

Camtrex Ltd is committed to the philosophy of quality in terms of product, service and people. Our aspiration is to trade in an ethical and moral way in all aspects of our business. We regularly audit our supply chain to ensure that these ethical values are achieved. Countries that do not operate to these criteria will not become part of our supply chain. Our staff are tasked with dealing ethically and honestly with everyone that they encounter.

We believe that investing in our people is critical to our future success and long term sustainability. We aim to recruit, develop and retain all employees by inspiring and motivating them to reach their full potential. We will provide a safe and secure working environment which is conductive to the health and welfare of our employees.

We are committed to operating an ethical business and quality assured supply chain that delivers exceptional customer satisfaction with class leading products. We will proactively encourage our suppliers to comply with our vision and values at all times.

Recycling Policy

We value our environment and have zero landfill objective. We are committed to prevent any type of direct pollution and seek to identify and minimise carbon emissions, noise pollution, waste, and packaging, in our workplace, in our products, and throughout our supply chain.

Our factory and offices are designed to be as energy efficient as possible using natural light and low energy lightning options. Our slitting lines have been purchased to perform with minimal energy requirements. Computers, electrical goods, scrap metal, paper, cardboard and ink cartridges are disposed of through designated waste transfer recycling plants.

Health and Safety Policy